Indian Fish Curry Masala contain Pesticides said Singapore SFA

Fish Curry
Fish Curry

India's one of the top food masala companies Everest, said to be used ethylene oxide beyond the limits. This has caused a stir among the consumers. Following this, the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) restricted the use of the Everest Indian Fish Curry Masala. 

SFA stated, "The Centre for Food Safety in Hong Kong has issued a notification on the recall of Everest Fish Curry Masala from India due to the presence of ethylene oxide at levels exceeding permissible limits."

Ethylene Oxide In Everest Fish Curry Masala:

Ethylene Oxide is a pesticide used to fumigate (disinfect) agricultural produce to reduce microbial contamination, but it is strictly prohibited from being used in food products. In this case, SFA claimed they had found ethylene oxide in the Everest Fish Curry Masala.

Singapore Food Agency Advise to Consumers:

SFA mentioned that the ethylene oxide used in food products is banned in Singapore and advised the consumers who bought the product not to use it. Consumers who ate this Masala are advised to receive medical guidence  from doctors as soon as possible.

The SFA states there is no immediate risk in consuming the product with ethylene oxide but consuming it for a long time would lead to health issues.

Everest Masala Company's Stand on the Issue:

Since 1981, Everest Company has been supplying households across the country with  Indian spices. Everest masala was advertised by Bollywood superstars Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan and has a huge reputation to uphold.

The 57-year-old company defended by stating, "Everest is a 50+-year-old reputed brand and all our products go through stringent checks in the factory before despatch. We strictly follow the highest hygiene and food safety standards and norms laid down by the concerned authorities and statutory bodies like the Indian Spice Board, FSSAI and others." 

They also stated, "Before export, every shipment goes through quality inspection by the spice board of India. However, we are awaiting an official communication to understand the issue and our quality control team will look into the matter."

The ethylene oxide used in the Masala Company makes the consumers Panic over their health issues. The company is expected to provide a clear explanation, as people are eagerly waiting for it.