Olympics Hockey: Indian men's Hockey Team Won Medal After 41 Years

 Indian Men Hockey Team
Indian Men Hockey Team

The Indian men's hockey team won bronze in the Olympic hockey series against Germany today. The Indian hockey team defeated Germany 5: 4. The men's semi-final hockey match of the Olympic 2020 series took place two days ago. India lost to Belgium in the semi-finals.

The men's hockey tournament for the bronze medal is taking place today in Tokyo, the capital of Japan. In this India - Germany teams are clashing. The game went very briskly. India lost 5: 2 and lost their chance to reach the final. The Indian team struggled till the last but failed to score more than two goals and was eliminated. The defeat in the semi-finals led to the Indian men's hockey team having to play for the bronze medal match. Germany, on the other hand, lost in the semi-finals to Australia. Failed to score 3: 1.

Germany, who were thus eliminated in the semi-finals, face India today. The match between the two teams is currently in full swing. Germany initially dominated the match. It was only in the second quarter that India began to gain some ground. India came back in the second quarter and scored the first goal in the 16th minute. India's Simran Jith scored the first goal for India. After that, the game was lively.

Germany scored two goals in the 22nd and 24th minutes of the match. India scored another goal in the 26th minute. Thus the score of Germany was 3 India was 2 in the second quarter of the game. India's Harmanpreet Singh then scored another goal in the first half to tie the game at 3: 3.

India then scored two goals in the 31st and 34th minutes, respectively. India's Simran Jit and Rupinder Singh scored. This gave India a 5: 3 lead in the match. But in the 47th minute of the last quarter, Germany scored the 4th goal through a penalty corner. Then in the last 5 minutes, the German team was unable to score any goals.

The Indian hockey team defeated Germany at 5: 4 at the end of regulation time. The Indian men's team won bronze in the semi-finals of the Olympic hockey series. And finally, the Indian men's hockey team won a medal at the Olympics after 41 years. India beat Germany 5-4 in the bronze medal match at the Tokyo Olympics today to put an end to medal longing.