Indian Motel Owner Pravin Raojibhai Patel Shot Dead In United States

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Pravin Raojibhai Patel, an Indian-origin Motel owner aged 76 years old, was shot dead by William Jeremy Moore. This case has stirred the locality, and the case has intensified.

Incidents of attacks and violence against Indian-Americans have been on the rise in the United States for the past few months. Every day, we can see news on attacks and murders of Indian origin in recent days.

In this situation, Pravin Raojibhai Patel (age 76), of Indian origin, ran a hotel in Sheffield, Alabama, USA. He has lived in the Sheffield area for over 40 years and has become a very familiar face in the locality.

In this case, a man named William Jeremy Moore (34 years old) came to Pravin Raojibhai Patel's hotel looking for a room to stay. It is said that an argument broke out between the two during the rental negotiations. At that time, Jeremy Moore took out his gun and shot Praveen Patel twice and fled from there.

Praveen Patel died on the spot. Sheffield police, who investigated the matter, arrested the accused, Jeremy Moore. Police have also seized the gun he used to murder Pravin Raojibhai Patel. The 'Asian American Hotel Owners Association' in the US strongly condemned the murder.