Israel And Palestine conflict: Gaza City commander was killed

Gaza Attack
Gaza Attack

As the war between the Israeli military and Hamas, a Palestinian-backed organization, comes to an end, a rocket attack in Gaza last night killed 35 people, including an Indian woman, on the ground floor of a 13-story apartment building. Gaza City commander was also killed in an Israeli airstrike on Wednesday, Military group Hamas confirmed.

There has been intense conflict between Israel and the Palestinians over the past few days. Last Monday, the clashes broke out between Palestinians and Israeli security forces at an al-Aqsa shrine in Jerusalem, Israel.

Following this, Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, attacked Israel in retaliation for the attack on the Palestinians. Israel's retaliatory attack killed 30 people, including Hamas.

Both sides took turns attacking throughout the day. Israeli rocket attack on Gaza kills 35, including Sowmiya, a 30-year-old nurse from Kerala, who was in a video call with her husband during the attack on the ground floor of a 13-story apartment complex known as the Temple Tower.

Similarly, the political headquarters of Hamas, also known as the Gaza Tower, were attacked. Before that, everyone in the building was evacuated. Palestinian militants have fired more than 1,000 rockets into the Israeli city of Tel Aviv in the past 38 hours.

The Israeli military says Hamas has carried out 130 airstrikes targeting Israeli cities in retaliation for attacks on the Gaza Tower. The missiles landed in the Israeli capital, Tel Aviv, and other cities. The attack killed three people and set fire on buses, vehicles, and buildings.

Hamas has accused the Israeli army of firing 200 rockets into the Gaza Strip. Meanwhile, violence erupted between Israeli Jews and Arabs in the Israeli Lodh city.

Arabs living in the Lodh have condemned Israeli attacks on Palestinians in Gaza and Jerusalem. At that time, the Arabs set fire to the houses, shops, and vehicles of the Israeli Jews.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has declared a state of emergency across the city of Lodh to prevent violence. Israeli security forces are concentrated in Lodh. As the conflict between Hamas and Israeli forces continues, Israel is seen as a battleground as Arabs living in Lodh seek violence.