Joblessness in America has Risen like Never Before Because of Coronavirus

Unemployment in America
Unemployment in America

Joblessness in America is what any living American has never seen before. The deadly pathogen coronavirus has turned the tables for ten million of the mighty Americans to seek jobless claims. It is nearly 3000 % more than last week's claim of 3.341 million to 6.648 million to claim jobless benefits for the week ending March 28. Now the total jobless claims come to 10 million, which roughly calculates to 9.5 % unemployment rate out of the 164 million American workforces. The never before 2.3 trillion USD stimulus by the Trump government will also be not enough is the opinion of the experts.

President Trump, yesterday April 1, warned Americans to brace themselves for an unprecedented coronavirus crisis in the days ahead.  It is after the White House projected yesterday of the US-facing 100,000 to 240,000 deaths from the coronavirus pandemic.  He also added that the next two weeks could be what we have never seen before.

Yesterday, America recorded its first more than 1000 lives lost in a single day, taking the total death toll to 5,800. Also, it is having one-fourth of the whole world infections at 241,000 cases. The White House is soon to ask all Americans to start wearing cloth mass or face covering while they are in public. Trump also has announced yesterday of signing the Defense Production Act to compel 3M to supply additional N95 face masks for health care workers.

All these facts of America leading in the infection cases and death toll only next to Italy will see more of joblessness in the coming two to three weeks.  Americans are bracing themselves to stay alive out of the pandemic, which is expected to kill one to two million in the coming weeks. Only a clear picture of the total economic disaster that America is going to face along with it the world will be known only by the end of April.