Is Supreme Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, is in Grave Danger, Really?

Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un

Contradicting CNN's recent report, a South Korean news agency, on Tuesday, reported that the Supreme Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, is stable and not at all in grave danger.

Along with a South Korean News agency that particularly covers what's happening in North Korea, CNN, on Monday, reported that Kim Jong Un is in grave danger after undergoing heart surgery. The CNN reports also took the credibility of the intelligence officers, monitored by the US.

According to the reports, the North Korean Supreme Leader, is being treated in a villa in Hyangsan, following a cardiovascular surgery on April 12. The reports also said that he got a procedure after a decline in health condition due to over smoking, overwork, and obesity.

North Korea celebrated its 60th birth anniversary and the birth anniversary of its founding father Kim II Sung on April 11. Speculation on the health condition of Kim Jong Un has started deepening since that day as he didn't show up to celebrate his granddad's birth anniversary.

There are also wandering many speculations concerning the health condition of the supreme leader. However, there are no reports about his admittance to any hospital. More than that, getting information out of NK is the most challenging job for US intelligence.

It is hard to predict anything by experts as North Korean leaders have missed this anniversary celebration in the past. But, they were later turned out like a sign for major developments in the country.

There are already too many rumors spreading over the health condition of Kim Jong Un since his more than a month disappearance back in 2014, which was later the North Korean Intelligence announced that the disappearance of Kim was to remove a cyst from his ankle.

Now there is a piece of contradictory information about this current disappearance of Kim Jong Un. The National Security Council, CIA, and National Intelligence of the US had declined CNN's call for comment on Monday.