Lungs of Earth on Fire: Amazon rain forest up on smoke

Lungs of Earth on Fire: Amazon rain forest up on smoke
Lungs of Earth on Fire: Amazon rain forest up on smoke

"Lung's of the world", Amazon rain forest up on smoke

"Pray for Amazanio" is the Twitter top trend on 22nd August. The world's precious commodity and considered the lungs of the world, the Amazon rain forest is up on smoke. The Brazilian President Jair Bolsonato blames NGOs. On the contrary, they complain it is only due to the failure of his administration. Global warming is set to increase with this record number of more than 74,000 fires in Amazon this year.

Why so much concern for Amazon firing?

Everyone in the world is concerned and praying for saving the Amazon for the following reasons. 

  • Amazon is the largest forest in the world with more than 2 million square miles in area and with nearly 400 billion trees. 
  • It alone provides 20 % of the world's oxygen
  • Its carbon dioxide absorbing capability is the major factor to keep global warming in check. 
  • By producing large quantities of rain every year, it helps to maintain the water cycle in the world
  • It is the home for40,000 plant species, 2.5 million insect species, 2,200 fish species, and 427 mammal species. Also, one out of five of all bird species live in the Amazon rain forest. 

Politics on Amazon fire:

Brazil is the country with more than 60 % of the Amazon rain forest area. It is in this part the recent fire recordings are high from 2013. This year it has reached its worst with more than 74,000 reported fires this year. The Brazilian President Bolsanto says the figures are not correct and without evidence. But he blames the NGOs for the reason of fire without evidence. The NGOs blame his lethargic government for the Amazon Fire.

Whatever may be political issues, the main source of oxygen and controller of global warming, the precious Amazon rain forest has to be preserved at any costs.