Nithyananda Women Devotees Attended UN Meeting Representing Kailasa

Kailasa Representatives
Kailasa Representatives

At the meeting of the Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Committee held at the UN, many women attended the meeting on behalf of Kailasa.

Nithyananda fled India in 2019 in various cases, including the abduction abd rape case. Various reports have spread that Nithyananda, who escaped, bought a separate island in Central America and named it a 'Kailasa'. But the Island is still mysterious.

Several women were present at the UN Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Committee meeting representing Kailasa. At this meeting of the UN, Vijayapriya Nithyananda introduced herself as Kailasa's representative.

When it was her turn to speak at the meeting, the woman said that Kailasa was the first independent state for Hindus and that it was founded by Nithyanand Paramashivam, who is reviving the 10,000 indigenous Hindu traditions and the enlightened Hindu civilisation, including the Adi Shaivite agricultural tribes, whose supreme pontiff is also their leader.