North Korea: Girls Banned To Have Same Name As Kim Jong-un Daughter

Image Credit: Twitter julie52714435
Image Credit: Twitter julie52714435

When it comes to North Korea, many activities of them will make us mute. In that way, North Korea has issued a new statement. It is reported that North Korea bans girls from having the same name as Kim Jong Un's daughter.

It is to note that North Korea already has an order that the country's people are not permitted to name the country's leaders. Aside from that, women and girls with the name of Kim's daughter are said to have been ordered to change their names.

According to a North Korean government statement, "We ask that women and girls with the name Kim Ju Ae change their names. They have one week to change their names." This has come as a shock now.

Kim has not released photos of her children for the past few years. Kim's daughter, Kim Ju Ae, has been seen crawling with her father in public for a few months now. North Korea is a country of extreme communist rule. Even the news in the media is published only after government censorship.