Pakistan Suffers From Huge Electricity Crisis Including The Capital

Representative Image
Representative Image

Pakistan is facing various crises currently. Especially starting from the cost of living, it seems that foreign spending is in big trouble. Inflation is also at its highest level in many years. To reduce this, the Central Bank of Pakistan has increased the interest rate.

State Bank of Pakistan Governor Jameel Ahmed said inflationary pressures continue to be present in the market. Meanwhile, the central bank has taken steps to bring down inflation and bring about stability. This interest rate hike is expected to curb inflation.

The power sector is also heavily indebted. Due to this, the necessary infrastructure facilities could not be provided. There is an environment where it is not possible to invest heavily in power connections. Due to various reasons like this, it is said that there was a sudden repair in the Pakistan National Power Distribution Center.

As a result, the power supply lines of major cities including the capital Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, and Quetta were affected. As a result, most parts of the country were plunged into darkness. Officials said on an investigation that the outage was caused by voltage fluctuations at the National Power Distribution Center. 

The massive shortage has brought many fuel and gas-powered industries to a standstill. This is the worst power outage in Pakistan in the last 4 months.

Regarding this issue, the Ministry of Electricity of Pakistan says, “The work to restore electricity supply has been accelerated. Some electricity grids have been repaired. The power supply has been restored in Islamabad and Peshawar. There is an environment where it is not possible to invest heavily in power connections.