RIP Pele: Death Of Football Legend Pele Left Sports Fans Mourning

Brazilian soccer legend Pele
Brazilian soccer legend Pele

The death of football legend Pele has left sports fans in mourning. Pele was the one who showed throughout his life how a man should treat himself and his dependents. Pele's spent most of his time playing football.

Pele brought about change in the world by bringing everyone together through sport during apartheid. It was only after Pele's arrival that football took off. Pele was the one who learned that this is how football should be played.

Pele was diagnosed with Cancer only a few years ago. Pele, undergoing treatment after the fight with Cancer, was admitted to the hospital on November 29. The fact that it was allowed below during the World Cup of football left the fans sad. Pele had been battling Cancer for a while, and recently, his health condition worsened during the hospital stay to regulate his cancer medication.

However, World Cup man Pele struggled with Cancer till the end of the series. In this situation, Pele's last post on social media before his death surprised fans. Pele passed away of Cancer aged 82 on Thursday in Sao Paulo.