Afghanistan Taliban: Rule Of Taliban And Fall Of Afghanistan In Detail


The situation in Afghanistan is getting worse every single minute. People are trying to get away from Afghanistan as they don't want to be under the rule of the Taliban. The Taliban, which seized control of Afghanistan, has declared an end to the war. Also, the video of the Taliban entering the Presidential Palace and marvelling at the entire room has gone viral.

What happened in  Afghanistan and made the Taliban enter the country and take the entire rule after 20 years is the question running behind the few who are blank on the happenings.

Bin Laden, the leader of the al-Qaeda terrorist organization that carried out the New York Twin Towers attack in 2001, was granted asylum by the then-Afghan Taliban. Subsequently, the United States invaded the country and removed the Taliban from power. The United States has decided to establish a Western-style state in Afghanistan to replace the religious fundamentalist Taliban state, which opposes human rights.

The United States has spent billions of dollars over the past 20 years building the Afghan government and military. The U.S. gave words to the people, and so they trusted them. The U.S. has to spend dollars and even the soldiers for Afghanistan, and they did, but to a particular extent, they sharted to withdraw their words thinking of their country. They started to think about why they want to spend so much money on that country.

In that sense, it is possible Joe Biden, the new president of the United States, accelerated his plan to withdraw all American troops from Afghanistan. The U.S. military has set a target of recalling all troops by the end of this month.

Taking advantage of this situation, the Taliban advanced rapidly, capturing new territory in Afghanistan and taking control of much of the country. At this point, the Taliban neared the capital, Kabul, and halted the fighting. They urged the Afghan government to hand over Kabul peacefully without bloodshed. 

Meanwhile, following the escape of the 14th president of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai, from the country, the Taliban have regained control of Kabul and thus Afghanistan. In this situation, the Taliban have captured all areas, including the Afghan Presidential Palace, and the war has ended, and Taliban rule will take place soon.

As the Taliban came to power, many Afghans gathered at Kabul airport to fly to their homeland. But it was announced that all flights departing from Kabul would be cancelled to avoid crowds. Thus, there has been a problem in getting people out. Afghans are gathered in the Airport and waiting to escape from reality.

Air India operated a special flight to rescue Indians in Afghanistan as the Taliban seize power in Afghanistan. Accordingly, Air India's special flight flew to Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. From there, the plane with 129 people arrived in Delhi. 

The Taliban captured the Afghan presidential palace and visited the palace. The related video has gone viral on social media. The Taliban recorded the video as they marvelled at the mansion. And to note, Taliban militants have also seized the Afghan Parliament. Built by the Government of India at an estimated cost of about Rs 1,000 crore, the barley building was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on April 26, 2019.

Overall the country is in chaos where the Taliban have taken the entire government. Although the Taliban said that they would go in for peaceful rule, people couldn't accept Taliban rule in Afghanistan.  The women living in Afghanistan under the Taliban's rule is really patient with strict rules.

Rules For Women Under Taliban Rule:

Taliban state movie is, "secure environment where the chastity and dignity of women may once again be sacrosanct." According to them, women is the source of corruption, and so they must wear Purdah all the time. It is a must for women to wear Purkah in public places. Women are not allowed to work nor get educated, and women are only allowed to study Quran.

Its is also said that women must not be treated by male doctors, and 80% of Afghan women marriage are forced. From the age of eight, afghan girls are not allowed to talk to men other than their blood relatives and in-laws. Women should not appear in the streets without a blood relative or without wearing a Burga.

Women are not supposed to wear heels; no man should hear a woman's footsteps and are strictly restricted to wear nail polish. Women are not supposed to talk loudly in public, and the ground floor and the windows of the first floor of the house should be painted or screened to prevent women from being visible from the street.

Photographing, display od women pictures, filming, females display in newspapers, books, shops are strictly banned. Women appearing on radios, advertisements, and television are also strictly banned. Women are not supposed to ride bicycles or motorcycles, even with their family members. Women are not supposed to stand in the balconies, and no women related public places must be accessed under Taliban rule. 

The punishments for the women will be carried out in public places. Not only the woman but even her husband will also be punished for his carelessness on his wife.  It is said that if the taxi driver picks a woman with her face uncovered or unaccompanied by her family members, then he will be sentenced to jail, and her husband will be punished. 

This is the pathetic situation of Afghan girls under Taliban rule. In 1996 a women's thumb was chopped for wearing nail polish. It is hard to imagine a life of being an Afghan woman, but in reality, women have lived, and women are going to face their hard times.