Russia Ukraine War: Indian Students Held Hostage In Ukraine?

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin

The Ministry of External Affairs said that no Indian students were being held hostage in Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin's statement that the Ukrainian military had taken more than 3,000 Indians hostage at the Kharkiv railway station in eastern Ukraine had caused a stir.

The Associated Press reported that Ukrainian and Russian authorities reached an interim agreement to evacuate civilians and provide humanitarian aid after Putin's announcement. It is said that Ukraine stopped the spread of fire at nuclear plants.

In the telephone conversation between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Putin on Wednesday night, the Kremlin also pointed out that Indians were being kept hostages.

Similarly, as Putin spoke on Thursday night, thousands of young people and students studying in Ukraine were detained for more than a day. More than 3,000 Indians are being held hostage in Kharkiv. In addition, there are 576 people in the city of Sumy. 

He added, "The neo-Nazis opened fire on Chinese students who wanted to leave Kharkiv. Two of them were injured. Hundreds of foreigners want to leave the war zone. But the Ukrainians did not allow it. Holding them hostage. Our army has created a safe passage for Ukrainian people and foreigners to cross the border and arrange transportation. But the Ukrainian military is firing and stopping."

Earlier, the Ministry of External Affairs, India Arindam Bagchi, said the Indian embassy in Ukraine contacted Indians there. Several students were reported to have left Kharkiv safely. So far, there are no reports of Indian students being held hostage so far. We have asked the Ukrainian authorities to help arrange special trains to take students from Kharkiv and neighbouring parts of the country to the west. ”

According to reports, about 4,000 Indian students are deserted near the Russian border in eastern and northeastern Ukraine. Arindam Bagchi said, “We are closely monitoring the situation of Indians trapped in war zones. We are working to arrange transportation options to move them from there to western Ukraine or southern Ukraine.”

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