Russian Planes Banned From Flying Over US Airspace, Says Biden

President Joe Biden
President Joe Biden

The war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for more than six days. Not only has this caused a lot of deaths, but millions of Ukrainians are being made refugees. President Joe Biden said that Russian planes would be banned from flying over US airspace due to the fierce war between Ukraine and Russia.

In his speech, US President Joe Biden said that "US forces will not clash directly with Russian forces in the ongoing war in Ukraine." Speaking in parliament, Biden said, "President Putin thought that if Ukraine were to collapse, the world would collapse, but on the contrary, he met with unimaginable strength and met with the Ukrainian people

The U.S. Justice Department is setting up a special panel to look into the crimes of Russian groups. We are teaming up with our European allies to find their boats, luxury apartments, and private jets and capture them. 

Together with our allies, we provide military assistance, economic assistance and humanitarian assistance in the struggle for independence of the Ukrainians. We will continue to help the Ukrainian people to defend their country and alleviate their suffering. "

Biden also said, "When the history of this era is being written, Putin's war on Ukraine will show Russia as weak and the rest of the world as strong as Russia."