Satan Shoes Made Of Blood

Satan Shoes made out of Blood
Satan Shoes made out of Blood

Nike files a complaint against MSCHF, a Brooklyn-based company that recently sells shoes that represent evilness. The shoes created a junk of oppositions by the god believers.

MSCHF Shoe company brought shoes from Nike and alternated according to their convenience and sent them on sale. And this brought out many controversies among the public recently.

The company made Satan shoes which were colored with red and black in which red color contained a drop of real human blood. Also, it had a bike verse Luke: 10:18, which says, "I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven."

The shoe had a logo that was put on it without the partnership of Nike. It had the Jesus cross turning upside down, on the exterior tongue tag, and a metallic gold pentagram shoe accessory on the laces which represents Satan.

The packaging box of the shoes projects a complete evil image with snakes and humans together which represents evil.

According to Indian currency, it costs Rs. 74,486. And this shoe was dropped by Lil Nas X. And the cases and controversies are raising against them against Satans and evil thoughts.