Singapore hikes in COVID-19 number crossing 4500, putting 3 more dormitories in isolation

Shaw Lodge Foreign Workers Dormitory
Shaw Lodge Foreign Workers Dormitory

CoronaVirus is panicking the world with its deadly nature killing more lives for the past five months without showing an end. With 728 new cases tested CoVid positive a day before, the Ministry of Health reported the sudden hike in number, which is because of "continued efforts to test actively and isolate the infected workers."

Though the death rate remains unchanged as 10 in Singapore, the government has announced to put three more dormitories in isolation. Now it is a total of 12 dormitories that are in-home quarantine due to the rapid spread of the disease in clusters with only 48 local infections.

Contact Tracing is vigorously done by the Health officials, and the new three dormitories are also linked to the clusters. Shaw Lodge Dormitory in Tai Seng, North Coast Lodge in Woodlands and Tuas View Dormitory, are declared to be in isolation yesterday, grossing a total infected count of 124 new cases.

According to the Infectious Disease Act, the government Gazette notice and Health Minister Gan Kim Yong strictly declared the people of 12 isolated dormitories to be in-home quarantine for 14 days.

To be specific, Foreign workers working in the country count with a total case of 2690 till now, which depicts 60 percent of Singapore's total COVID cases. With 48 new cases in the community, the rate of CoronaVirus spreading inside the country increases exponentially for the past two weeks.

Apart from the new three dormitories, Mandai Lodge 1, Cochrane Lodge I, Cochrane Lodge 2, Acacia Lodge, Tampines Dormitory, Sungei Tengah Lodge, S11 Dormitory at Punggol, Westlite Toh Guan and Toh Guan dormitory are declared to be in isolation to minimize the CoVid spread among the locals and foreign workers.

Besides, 1886 people are in hospital quarantine, with 23 infectious persons being treated in intensive care units. The world is fighting against the pandemic contagion and let us all hope to live a peaceful social life with a sooner recovery.