Delta Variant: Spread Of Delta Variant In China Started To Increase

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The world is still battling against coronavirus and doing its best to get rid of it. The number of lives lost due to corona is numerous. People are travelling through hard times for the past one and half years. When one side of the country seems to be recovering, the other side of the country keeps infected. The delta type coronavirus is spreading rapidly in China. According to the Chinese media, 15 cities, including the Chinese capital Beijing, have been struck by the delta-type coronavirus.

The coronavirus spread to the rest of the world in 2019 from China's Wuhan province. In March last year, the World Health Organization confirmed the impact of corona on China and the rest of the world. The total number of corona infections in the world so far has increased to 19.8 crores. The number of corona deaths in the world is 42,24,124. The United States is the worst affected country by corona. Next to this is India in second place.

The coronavirus is evolving in different stages and is severely affecting the nations of the world. The delta type virus is spreading rapidly and causing severe infections. The number of one-day corona infections in the United States currently stands at 1 million. In this case, the delta-type coronavirus infection in China is currently reported to be very bad as the spread is severe across the world. A Russian cleaner first detected the delta virus at Nanjing Airport in China.

Flights from Nanjing have been stopped for two weeks. Chinese officials have also said that corona tests will be tightened, and the restrictions will be made strict in Nanjing. The delta virus is currently spreading from Nanjing to 15 cities, including Beijing.  Those coming to China from abroad are isolated for 21 days. Seven of those infected with the new delta virus are reported to be in critical condition. The infection is severe as it makes the patient feel extremely sick.

This raises questions and doubts about China's vaccine. Corona time restrictions have been increased in China. Social distancing was made strict when one gathers in public places. Strict rules are enforced like people were not allowed to talk to each other in public places.

According to experts at Peking University Hospital, the delta virus is highly contagious. So far, more than 200 people have been confirmed that they are infected with the delta virus. In the city of Xiamen, four people have been confirmed to be infected with the delta virus.

The official corona vulnerability number in China is 92,875. So far, a total of 4,636 people have died from corona in China. Currently, 932 people are being treated for corona. The situation of 25 of them is very worrying. About 40% of people in China have been vaccinated against coronavirus so far.

It is expected that the precautionaries will be announced, and the alert will be sent to other countries. In India, the vaccination process is accelerated, and maximum people have been vaccinated across the states. Each state is taking the necessary steps to battle against the covid 19 and the delta virus.