The Queen's Coffin Arrived at Buckingham Palace, Crowds To Pay Respect

Queen Elizabeth II Coffin
Queen Elizabeth II Coffin

Queen Elizabeth II of England died on September 8 at 96 at Balmoral Farmhouse in Scotland due to ill health. Queen Elizabeth II's body was placed in an oak coffin and flown from Balmoral Farmhouse, where she died, to Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, on September 11. Queen Elizabeth II's body was first kept at Holyrood House there. The royal family paid tribute there. 

Following that, yesterday, the body of Queen Elizabeth was taken to St. Giles Church. Thousands of people paid their respects. Elizabeth's body was then scheduled to be flown to England. 

In this context, the body of Elizabeth 2 reached England last night by plane from Scotland. King Charles and Queen Camilla received the Queen's body in London. Elizabeth II's body was taken by car from the airport to Buckingham Palace.

The Queen's body will be mounted on a carriage for public honours this afternoon. It will be paraded from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall in the Houses of Parliament with military honours. A coffin containing the Queen's body is placed on a dais in Westminster Hall. A crown and a sceptre are placed on the coffin. 

The public can pay their respects at the Queen's casket 24 hours a day from 5 pm local time today until 6.30 am on the 19th, when the funeral takes place. Thousands of people have gathered to pay respects as Elizabeth II's body arrives at Buckingham Palace.