Turkey Earthquake: More than 600 dead after 7.8-magnitude quake

Image Credit: Twitter
Image Credit: Twitter

More than 195 people died in the earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria early this morning. The earthquake's impact was recorded as 7.8 Richter, and many buildings were levelled in both countries. This incident has shaken worldwide.

The finding of uncovered corpses raises fears that the death toll will rise significantly. People trapped in the rubble are currently being rescued.

In the eastern Turkish city of Gaziantep, the epicentre was about 11 miles below. According to the US Geological Survey, the earthquake occurred at precisely 4:17 am. Exact 15 minutes after the earthquake, another extremely strong 6.7 Richter earthquake struck.

Gaziantep is a city along the Syrian border. It is known as a city of industry. The earthquake's impact in this city was also felt in the neighbouring countries of Lebanon, Cyprus and Syria. It has been worst affected in Syria. According to official data, above 195 people have died in both countries.

Videos posted on social media from Turkey showed the anguish of collapsed buildings and people taking shelter in the streets. It is feared that the death toll may rise when looking at the building ruins.

Following the disaster, Pray for Turkey is going viral on social media. The photos and videos are spreading worldwide.