Twitter Trending Hashtags RIP Zara and Boycott Zara Reason


On Tuesday, Zara, a prominent fashion brand, publicly apologized for a controversial advertising campaign that sparked outrage and triggered calls for a boycott from pro-Palestinian activists. 

The campaign showcased statues covered in white, and some critics argued that the imagery bore a resemblance to pictures of bodies in shrouds from Gaza. Zara's Instagram was inundated with tens of thousands of complaints, causing the hashtags "#BoycottZara" and "RIPZARA"  to gain attention and trend on the messaging platform X.

Following the mess Zara posted, "After listening to the comments regarding the layest ZARA Atelier campaign "The Jacket", we would like to share the following with our customers: The Campain, that  was conceived in July and Photographed in September, presents a series of images of unfinished sculptures in a sculptor's studio and was created with the sole purpose of showcasing craft made garments in an artistic context. 

Unfortunately, some customers felt offended by these images which have now been removed and saw in them something far from what was intended when they were created. Zara regrets that misunderstanding, and we reaffirm our deep respect towards everyone."