The United States Declared the State of Emergency Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

Trump Declares Emergency State in the United States
Trump Declares Emergency State in the United States

The US declares the State of Emergency on yesterday, March 13,  as the number of death was 41 and coronavirus infected cases crossing 2,000. In Italy, more than 250 dead yesterday, and an additional 2500 affected instances added. The world is now under the grip of the coronavirus.

President Trump, while declaring the state of Emergency, said that when America is tested, America rises to the occasion. The US stock markets reacted positively to Trump's announcement and stopped the losses to make gains for the first time in two weeks. But six worst-affected states, including New York, Florida, Rhode Island, Lousiana, Iowa, and Washington has asked for National Guard troops to fight coronavirus. In New York City alone yesterday, there was a 30% jump in the infected cases to cross 421.

The declaration of a state of Emergency is the most significant move by the US. It is after the House of Democrats and the White House reaching a deal on an aid package to counter the coronavirus outbreak. It will enable the states to open up $50 billion for the state and local governments to respond to the outbreak. It also gives the health secretary powers for waiving of federal rules and provide flexibility to doctors and hospitals to treat the COVID-19 patients.

After China, Europe has become the epicenter or coronavirus now. While only 11 new cases reported in China yesterday, more than 2500 were added in Italy. And the sad part is 250 were reported dead. Even after quarantining the country, the coronavirus is spreading like fire and uncontrollable in this European country.

In the UK, now 11 are dead, and 208 new cases were added, taking the tally to 798. In France additional 800 were added to take the tally to 3600. In South Korea, the total now is more than 8500, with 150 new cased added yesterday.

Cinema halls, sporting events, travel, and many industries and corporate are closing shops across the globe.