Wife Killed Husband Following Physical Abuse Under Alcohol Influence

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A drunken husband was killed by his wife after tying him to an electric pole with the help of neighbours and was attacked by some people, including his wife. It is reported that he would beat his wife every day under alcohol influence.

This incident took place in the Matara District Weligama area. The deceased husband is a 42-year-old father of three. He was irresponsible and wasn't running the family well.

Last night, the husband, who lives in Weligama, Matara, came home under the influence of alcohol. It is reported that he is addicted to alcohol and frequently becomes intoxicated, leading to him attacking his wife. As a result, there are often disputes at home.

Enraged by this, the wife tied her husband to an electric pole and attacked him. She took up this decision as she couldn't tolerate his domestic violence. Meanwhile, the wife and some neighbours tied her husband to the electric pole in front of the house. Following the beating, the man fell unconscious.

The husband, unconscious after the attack, was taken to Weligama Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The police suspect that the death may have been due to strangulation in the tied rope. The Weligama police have arrested the wife of the deceased in connection with the incident.