Missing Woman Found Inside Python Belly in Indonesia


A shocking incident occurred in which Mother-of-four Farida, 50 was swallowed by a giant python in the village of Kalempang, Indonesia, on June 6. The video of cut opening the python is going viral on the internet.

We have heard many news stories about pythons swallowing animals, especially cattle. Even recently, there was a report of a python swallowing a dog. In late 2022, a video of a python swallowing an entire alligator went viral.

However, there are rare cases of pythons swallowing humans. This incident often happens in Indonesia. Several people have died in Indonesia in recent years after being swallowed whole by pythons. Reports say that most of the cases are caused by reticulated pythons.

One case, one more has been added in which Mother-of-four Farida, 50, was swallowed by a giant python in the village of Palembang, Indonesia. Farida went missing on the evening of June 6, and her husband and the villagers were searching for her.

The following day, villagers searching for her encountered a 5-meter-long reticulated python with a noticeably swollen belly in the nearby forest. The villagers were suspicious of the snake and dissected the python. Upon dissecting the snake, they discovered Farida's entire body.

A disturbing video is circulating on social media showing a python having difficulty moving. The video includes footage of the python being cut open and the Farida's body being taken out. While such occurrences are uncommon, Indonesia has seen several instances of pythons consuming humans in recent years.