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Asku Maaro Song : On trend with 2 Million views

Asku Maaro (2021) Song with 2 Million views

Asku Maaro Tamil independent song is going viral on social media after the song Enjoy Enjaami.

In recent days independent songs are receiving a wide range of responses on social media. The song Enjoy Enjaami gathered worldwide attention globally. Currently, the song received 84 Million views in two weeks.

The song Asku Maaro is also an independent song composed by Dharan Kumar, which reached all the Tamil social platforms with great attention.

The song holds Vijay tv celebrities, namely Bigg Boss fame Kavin, Shivangi, and Sandy master. The lead role is handled by Kavin and Teju Ashwini, who try to impress each other in the song. The song is piled up with love, fun, and laughter.

The song is sung by Dharan Kumar and K. Shivangi under the lyrics of Karthik with Dharan Kumar composing. And the choreography was nailed by Dongli Jumbo Sandy.

This song is on the #2 trending list on Youtube and the social media platforms by updating it as staus and by retweeting.

The song has received 2 million views and has been celebrated by Sony Music South.