Bigg Boss 3 Tamil Ends and Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Plans Starts

Bigg Boss 3 Tamil title Winner
Bigg Boss 3 Tamil title Winner

Tamil people happy or worried with no more bigg boss Tamil show for another 250 days: At last, the lights of bigg boss 3 Tamil house were switched off by Mugen and Sandy yesterday. Is it a relief for Tamil people or a loss to them is the big question. Many may like it, and many may hate it.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 Title winner Mugen Rao from Malaysia

But the talk of most of the six crores of Tamil people worldwide was only big boss 3 Tamil season for the past 100 plus days. There were many controversies, love episodes, fights, anger, frustration, cheating, and many more. 

And, this show now being internationalized has become a hot topic for any two or three Tamil people meeting together, all over the world. The huge votes of more than ten crores for all the weeks are clear proof of its victory. 

Also, approximately about 10 million or one crore viewers daily is the proof of its popularity, and Kamal at the helm of anchoring the show was another crowd puller for the show. Now it is tough what people will do at 9:30 today night or for another 250 days for the bigg boss to come back.

Who all will be worried about the end of bigg boss 3 Tamil show? The biggest losers without bigg boss 3 Tamil show are the entertainment loving Tamil people. With day to day never-ending worries, bigg boss 3 Tamil show provided the best real-time entertainment for them.

They were able to forget about their fears and worries to talk about the characters and the big boss show. Taking sides for contestants is another interesting diversion technique, and losing or winning made them be happy and get glued to the TV set for more than 106 days.

Big boss trolling people will be in significant loss: Apart from the show, the never-ending entertainment for the Tamil people was the numerous trolls every day of big boss 3 Tamil show. Trolls, news, gossips, and many more were the order during the day about the big boss episode the previous night.

Though the episode is only one hour every day at night, it provided entertainment for the whole day with funny and mischievous trolls by many channels in social media.

Also, there was news about the bigg boss that many engaged themselves to known about the happenings of the show. People may find it difficult to cope without all these for the next 250 days.

What to expect in the next year's bigg boss, 4 Tamil show? With the massive success of bringing in contestants from Malaysia and Sri Lanka, contestants may be brought from many other countries also. You may expect Tamil contestants from Canada, America, Europe, and other countries around the world.

They may be from the Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora or the Tamil people settled in those countries. It may not only bring in new viewers but also make the bigg boss 4 Tamil show an internationally acclaimed show. The TRP will be better than the third season and with fewer controversies.

With no big boss 3 Tamil show tonight, it is a hard thing for the Tamil people to realize its importance and the entertainment it gave for the past 107 days. Nothing can be now be done, except to wait for another 250 days, for the biggest entertainment show in Tamil, the big boss show to come back only in 2020.