Bigg Boss 3 Tamil Start Date and Contestant List

Bigg Boss 3 Tamil Start Date and Contestant List
Bigg Boss 3 Tamil Start Date and Contestant List

Bigg Boss 3 Tamil Start Date: 23 June 2019

Bigg Boss the big time reality show TV entertainment to start its Season 3 on June 23:It is again the Big Boss time of the year in Tamil Nadu. With the past two successful shows in 2017 and 2018, Big Boss I season 3 to be aired on Vijay TV from June 23 at 8 PM every day continuously for 100 days. The TRP ratings for the past two years have been fantastic for Vijay TV. During these 100 days, the people of Tamil Nadu will be talking more about the show. There will be debates and arguments of who will win or who is right and so on. It is this free entertainment for all in the family being the main reason for its success.

Bigg Boss 3 Tamil: Setting aside all rumours the Bigg Boss 3 Tamil is to stream from June 23 and rumours are rife on the possible participants.

The following is the list of Bigg Boss 3 Tamil Contestants:

Fathima Babu

Losliya Mariyanesan

Sakshi Agarwal

Jangiri Madhumitha


Abhirami Venkatachalam


Vanitha Vijayakumar


Sherin Shringar

Mohan Vaidya

Tharshan Thiyagarajah

Dance master Sandy

Mugen Rao

Reshma Pasupuleti

Bigg Boss 3 Tamil two promos come philosophically:"It is not only a show, but our life" is the cache of the first promo by Kamal Hassan. In the second promo released recently, it shows to girls on a bus. When one girl sees her image as a evil face in a mirror. Everyone is walking around the world with a fake face. There are inner qualities with everyone that are good and bad. The core of the Bigg Boss show is to bring to the viewers the hidden emotions and conditions of its participants.

Why is Tamil Bigg Boss more popular than its other versions in various languages?  In Hindi Bigg Boss season 13 is starting and also in Telugu it is famous. But in Tamil, the TRP ratings are far higher than their Indian counterparts. It is because of none other than the actor-politician Kamal Hassan. The way Kamal conducts the show is a treat to watch. The intelligent jibes on the participants or the indirect praise for their excellent behavior by Kamal is a must watch.

How does Bigg Boss Tamil show happen in reality?  14 or 15 contestants from various entertainment industries are selected by the organizers for the Bigg Boss Tamil show. It will be a mixture of current and past celebrities who agree for all the conditions of the Bigg Boss Tamil show. There are 60 cameras in all the nook and corner of the house to view 24 x 7 activities of the participants. All the participants have to follow a stringent set of rules fixed by the organizers of the show.

Elimination of the contestants to select the winner for a bounty of 50 lakhs:Many celebrities keeping an eye on the Rupees Fifty lakhs opt for the Bigg Boss Tamil show. And as per norms, only one will be selected as the winner and given Rupees fifty lakhs. The runner up gets a trophy with some valuable gifts. Two or three will be chosen every weekend for elimination. And Kamal Hassan with his witty style will eliminate the improper participant. And during the last weeks of the show, only four will remain in the house. And out of them two will be selected by online voting. The way they mingle with others is the prime criteria for rejection.

Past two seasons of Bigg Boss Tamil show:  In the much talked about Bigg Boss season 1 Tamil, it was Aarav who won the first prize. The runner up was Snehan who came close to Aarav. Also, actress Oviya became famous overnight with her contribution to the Bigg Boss 2 Tamil. The medical kiss given by Aarav to Oviya was the highlight of season 1. The Bigg Boss Tamil season 2, when compared to the season 1, was a shade lower than the first one. It could be the curiosity of the first show lessened in the second one. But again it was the subject matter of many discussions across Tamil Nadu. Actress Riythvika won the first prize with a marginal vote differently than the runner up Aishwarya Dutta.

Big Boss Season 3 will be more popular than its first season or will be less than the second one has to wait till June 23.

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