Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Title Winner Raju Jeyamohan, Priyanka Grand Finale

Raju Jeyamohan
Raju Jeyamohan

Bigg Boss Tamil 5 has successfully ended with a grand finale. Like the previous season, this Bigg Boss Tamil 5 season also lasted for 105 days. This time, Raju had a better chance of winning the title and the people's hearts. The grand finale was complete by seeing most of the favourite contestants on screen.

Raju, who has been playing well since the beginning of the Bigg Boss show, has made a lot of fans for himself. Raju became the first contestant to be selected by the people and enter the final. From the first week of the Bigg Boss Tamil 5, his name has been trending on Twitter, and the fan pages kept on increasing.

Raju, who is also a mimicry artist, said that he attended the show in the hope that it would bring him closer to the people and bring me a lot of good opportunities. Raju Jeyamohan made use of the Bigg Boss platform in a wise way by gathering the public's love and support. 

The general public and fellow contestants expressed their happiness for Raju to win in the final. Accordingly, Raju is currently the winner of the title, and his fans are celebrating the joy. Raju was given a prize of Rs 50 lakh. Kamal Haasan presented the Bigg Boss trophy to Raju. Raju's mother expressed her emotions. 

Raju's wife said, "Thank you very much, everyone. I am very happy to see this happiness on Raju's face. Everyone was very supportive of Raju. Thank you so much for that. Thanks so much to all of the Bigg Boss housemates. I do not know what to say except thanks. "

Raju, who won the award, said, "I worked as a program producer for the same Vijay TV. I have made videos for the Bigg Boss house. I have also prepared a similar video for Kamal Sir. Similarly, today, many workers are working at the sides of the stage. Thank you for them."

Priyanka, who bagged the second winner, conveyed her happiness to Raju. She said that" When you came here inside the Bigg Boss, you told that many people don't know you, but now when you go out, everyone will recognize you and say, Hi, It is our  Gopal!"

Other than Annachi, Namitha and Abishek, all the other Bigg Boss Tamil 5 housemates was a part of the grand finale. Pavni and Niroop are the finalists of this season. Although Amir entered the house late still, he gave his effort as possible and reminded inside the Bigg Boss house till the last day. 

As the entertaining show Bigg Boss Tamil 5 has ended, the Vijay Tv fans are now waiting for Cook With Comali Season 3. The contestants' names are airing on social media, and the cook with comali fans are very excited to know the confirmed contestant list as the aired names are interesting. The promos are released and the confirmed contestants of cook with comali are on stage. It is expected that the Bigg Boss Tamil 5 contestants will be called for the cook with comali show as guests. The Cook With Comali promo is well received by the public.