Dhanush Car Case: Case Against Import Tax Exemption For Rolls Royce

Actor Dhanush
Actor Dhanush

Actor Dhanush, who had imported a Rolls Royce car from England in 2015, had filed a case in the Chennai High Court seeking exemption from paying the entry tax of Rs 60 lakh on the car.

In the case filed by actor Dhanush seeking entry tax exemption for an imported luxury car, the Chennai High Court has questioned and condemned Dhanush, saying, "When the commoner pays taxes, why do you refuse to pay tax on car purchases?

Actor Dhanush has filed a case in the Chennai High Court challenging the Commercial Tax Department's order to pay an entry tax of Rs 60.66 lakh on a Rolls-Royce car imported in 2015. The trial continued.

Accordingly, in October 2015, the Chennai High Court had ordered the RDO office to register the car if it pays 50 per cent tax. In 2016, the High Court had ordered the actor Dhanush to follow the rules and register as he had paid Rs 30.33 lakh in taxes.

The case then came up for hearing before Judge SM Subramaniam. Under the circumstances, the case was adjudicated today (Aug. 05). In it, சா Ordinary people who buy soap and petrol pay taxes, why do you refuse to pay taxes when you buy a car? There is no such thing as a law for ordinary people in India, a law for actor Dhanush, 'said Judge SM Subramanian.

He also questioned Dhanush as to why he had asked for entry tax exemption without stating that he was an actor in the petition and ordered him to explain it. Also, in the petition filed in 2015, why did he not disclose the details of his career? The judge ordered Dhanush's party to file a petition in the afternoon.

Following this, the judge refused to accept Dhanush's plea to withdraw the petition seeking exemption from entry tax and ordered the Commerce Department to file the details of the entry tax payable by Dhanush this afternoon. It is noteworthy that the High Court had fined actor Vijay, who was already suing for a ban on levying entry tax on luxury cars.