Dhanush Asuran Gets Oscar Award: Survival Thriller Review

Dhanush Asuran Movie Poster
Dhanush Asuran Movie Poster

Dhanush's Asuran Gets Oscar Award: Survival Thriller Review: Everyone knows that Dhanush-Vetrimaaran combo is a no doubt hit. But the question is How far the hit is? Asuran review rated 4.5/5 for its massive screenplay today in theatres.

Unseen Acting of Dhanush: The rural storyline based Vekkai novel creates goosebumps on screen by the intricate never seen performance by Dhanush. His acting delivery is Oscarworthy; Vetrimaaran takes the cinema to the next level in his rustic thriller. Dhanush is back with his dual role in Asuran after Kodi movie; He is incredible with his performance.

Vetrimaaran's Epic Detailing: The movie revolves flashbacks and connections in its new kind of delivery. The dialect is very tough to adapt; Dhanush, Manju Warrier, and the crew pull the accent with certainty. The nativity is a unique factor; Velraj cinematography brings it alive for the audience. Vetrimaaran proves him with realistic film making again in Asuran after Vada Chennai.

Hard hitter of Success: Asuran is a hard hitter of success than Vada Chennai; Every character plays epic well rurally. Dhanush lived the roles in Asuran. Manju Warrier is a great companion to Dhanush in this eco drama.

Ken Karunas and Tee Jay pull it off with their incredible debut performance with Dhanush. All credit must go to Vetrimaaran as he makes sure of his film needs with anybody acting in the role. 

The songs pave its line along with background not scoring runtime for it, especially is a plus G.V.Prakash Kumar triad proves one more time by soaking us in the air of blood.

Survival Thriller: The Fourth combo of Dhanush-Vetrimaaran is a survival thriller drama indulging about the "Right to Equality" amid poor communal people. 

The equal rights scene is seen in the trailer, too; The basic story revolves around survival revenge with some interesting dues unrevealed. Vetrimaaran's Asuran is bloody brilliant with an unmatchable commitment by Dhanush.

Dhanush comes with no shades of previous films in Asuran and his bloody fiery new dialect performance surely a must-watch, public floods with the happiness of worth watching.

The first half of Asuran is a pure game plan with a terrific interval block; The intermission is intriguing and sets the way for bloody revenge in the second half.

Oscar on the way: The bloody survival revenge drama attracts many people in its rustic way of work. Many public ensures the Oscar-winning worthy screenplay in Asuran and wishes for the same to win Oscar, National Awards undoubtedly.

Asuran blood hunting is in theatres now; Enjoy the pooja holidays equally with Asuran.