Enjoy Enjaami: Background of the song Enjoy En Jaami

Background of Enjoy Enjaami
Background of Enjoy Enjaami

Enjoy Enjaami has almost crossed 18 million views on youtube in a week and still been celebrating as its first day. It is a song that portrays the culture, politics, and geography of nature.

The song is sung by Dhee and Arivu, who nailed the song both on audio and visuals. The producer of this song is Santhosh Narayanan, under the direction of Amith Krishnan.

Dhee is an Indian-Australian playback singer who is also the daughter of Santhosh Narayanan, the producer of the song 'Enjoy Enjammi.' She has given many hit songs in Tamil cinema. Rowdy Baby in Maari 2 under the music direction of Yuvan Shankar Raja, Kaattu Payale in Soorarai Pottru under the music direction of G V Prakash, Rakita Rakita Rakita in Jagame Thandhiram by Santhosh Narayanan, and many others. 

Dhee has been nominated for the song Naan Nee Tamil Filmfare Best Female Playback Award and Vijay for Best Female Playback Singer. And also nominated for the song Ey Sandakaara from the movie Iruthu suttru 6th South Indian International Movie Awards.

Dhee won SIIMA Award for Best Female Playback Singer for the song Rowdy baby from Maari 2. And this song Enjoy Enjaami is a debut single independent song that is trending even after a week of release.

She expressed her thanks to the Enjoy Enjaami team, who worked hard for this song. She said that she was self touched, and this song is a celebration of life, earth, and ancestors.

Arivu was addressed on the stage with complete emotion and with satisfied content on the audio launch. He said the background story of the song Enjoy Enjaami and how it is related to him.

The song is the story of Valliammal, Arivu's grandmother, who used to call him 'Enjaami,' which means my god. It was the story said to him by his grandmother about the migration.

During the period of Colonisation, India was addressed for the market of cheap labor. Tamilians were migrated to Sri Lanka for the cultivation of Tea, Coffee, and rubber.

Due to the increasing population, those migrants were sent back to their native lands. Having worked only as workers in Plantation, they migrated to Ooty, valparai, and Kodaikanal to work, but they didn't get work as the workers are already there.

And Arivu's grandmother was one among the migrants among them. This made Arivu pen the lyrics supporting land, soil, and ancestors. The old lady sitting on the chair at the end of the song is his grandmother. Through this song, Arivu conveys that we forgot the roots of the earth and the roots of self as a people.

Arivu thanked Santhosh Narayanan by mentioning him as a political musician, and he also thanked A R Rahman, who spoke on considering the independent artists. He continued his speech thanking Maaja youtube channel director Amit for his extraordinary visuals.

When the song is watched for the first time, viewers will only get attracted to its fantastic forest visuals. The song initiates with the vibrations of the soil and the sounds of drums which create the exact vibe of the song. The smoky effect and the costumes will capture the viewer's eyes, and the song lyrics will not be given importance.

When the song is heard without the visuals, then the depth of the song will be understood. The lyrics are so meaningful. Overall the song is both an audio and a visual treat that deserves great applause. The song is enjoyed and celebrated by millions all over the world.