Hrithik Roshan War Review: Power packed action Worth Watching

Hrithik Roshan War Review
Hrithik Roshan War Review

WAR movie released today in Tamil gives the best of Hrithik Roshan and Tiger: Today, October 2nd is Gandhi Jayanthi for the nation to celebrate the greatness of the Mahatma. But for the Tamil film industry, it is releasing War and Sye Raa movies today.

Both are mega-budget movies with action and grandeur as essential qualities. And especially WAR with the fight between the guru Hrithik Roshan and student Tiger Shroff is a treat to watch on the Theatres.

The two best machismo stars of India are fighting with bare chest exposing muscles and fantastic fighting skills on the big screen today. War's dubbed Tamil version is released across Tamil Nadu today to enthral the Tamil audience with Hollywood type action and bikini girls.

Hrithik Roshan VS Tiger Shroff: War produced by the acclaimed Yash Raj Films and directed by Sidharth Anand banks more on the face-off between Hrithik and Tiger for the hit of the movie.

With already pocketing presales of more than 25 crores, it is expected to cross 45 crores on the first day today. The average 10 to 15 crores grossing for other stars is now more than double only due to the superhero of Hrithik and action star Tiger in the War movie.

Both in real life and War, Tiger has taken Hrithik as his guru. But, in the film and also in the media, WAR is being hyped on who is the best. The guru or the student or Hirthik or Tiger will be answered today with the release of War.

The storyline of WAR: Hrithik plays the role, Kabir, an intelligence officer of the Indian military, turns against the agency and kills many people. Tiger Shroff plays the role of Khalid another officer of the Indian army sent to compromise Kabir.

What happens between the two sets an exciting plot with flashback scenes of the guru-disciple along with dances are shown in the first half. The second half, which reveals what happens between the two is nothing but action and action.

And what does Tiger do to Hrithik, his guru is the simple storyline of WAR? If you do not mind the flaws, which are associated in such kind of hi-fi Hollywood styled action movie, WAR is a show of strength between Hrithik and Tiger Shroff.

Sye Raa and Joker effect on War: Though there is much expectation for War movie across India, it may be partly affected by other mega releases today like Sye Raa of Chiranjeevi and Hollywood movie Joker.

Sye Raa is typically a Telugu movie with the freedom fight as the backdrop and taken with a mega-budget. Amitaab playing the guest role for its Hindi release may have a subdued impact on War release today.

Joker, on the other hand, is a Warner Bros releasing movie, with Joaquin Pheonix acting as the Joker. The movie said to be the origin of the comedy character Joker, also has Robert De Niro in the cast.

WAR is a sure watch for youngsters and fans of both Hrithik and Tiger Shroff. For others who want to enjoy some fantastic action scenes and muscles not to worry about the logic or drawbacks, WAR could be the right choice.