Kaithi movie Producer S.R.Prabhu Speech on the One Night Thriller

Kaithi movie Producer SR Prabhu
Kaithi movie Producer SR Prabhu

The date is locked; Kaithi released, S.R.Prabhu Opens Up: Kaithi is all set to be free in theatres for this Diwali. Kaithi is a one-night action story starring Karthi, Narain, and George Maryan in the lead roles. After Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru Movie, Karthi Sivakumar joins the hit production combo of Dream Warrior Pictures for Kaithi.

S.R.Prabhu and Lokesh Kanagaraj: The director-producer duo comes back in Kaithi after Maanagaram. Lokesh Kanagaraj is a serious man even during the shoot of comedy scenes, excites producer S.R.Prabhu. He said that "Lokesh is one among the directors I always believe in without the hearing of the full script."

Kaithi's one-liner reminded me of the Hollywood movie 'Die Hard' with father-daughter yearning. The pure, unadulterated, high octane Kaithi will never fail to fulfill the audience, Prabhu ensures. Dream Warrior Producer praises, Lokesh's dedication in giving clarity for a producer to encourage him to reach more leaps.

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How Karthi in Kaithi?: S.R.Prabhu opens up that Kaithi came to existence after several delays following many ongoing scripts of other movies by Lokesh. The producer jovially mocked Mansoor Ali Khan would have become Karthi in Kaithi's script if we had no plans for making the movie as big as this. We believe that Karthi's delay filming in Sulthan movie will give a treat with Kaithi for this Diwali, said Prabhu.

Kaithi is a story of an injured cop and a jailbroken prisoner who cross paths of each other with an emotional hint of father-daughter longingness. The night spent by the escaped prisoner out of jail reveals the plot in the trailer with Karthi's power-packed action. The film was scheduled 80 days for shoot, and the fight master, Anbu Arasu, was in 75% of the shoot to prove Kaithi to be a phenomenal action drama.

Prabhu pays his gratitude to the Kaithi team and DOP Sathyan Sooryan for making Kaithi with epic night shots. He recognizes that Sathyan Sooryan proved himself in Nayanthara's Maya by setting a unique pattern of Horror movie cinematography. He also thanked the co-producer Vivekanandan pictures for monitoring the night shoots.