Karnan (2021) Tamil Movie Teaser Review

Karnan Tamil Movie (2021) Teaser Review
Karnan Tamil Movie (2021) Teaser Review

Karnan movie teaser is trending with 4.3 million views and 379K likes, and the fans are celebrating with a happy dose.

Karnan movie under the direction of Mari Selvaraj with the music direction of Santhosh Narayanan is with unbelievable expectations. The teaser of Karnan is out yesterday, and it received a wide range of responses.

Dhanush starred the leading hope with a mighty character. The teaser conveyed that they see Karnan, that is, Dhanush as their savior. This scene can be noticed in the teaser when the village people sitting under the heavy Sun with tears in their eyes, waiting for hope. 

At that time, Dhanush will give his entry which blooms the people's faces. Karnan is linked with the Sun in many suns because when we turn the pages in Mahabaratham, Karnan is the son of Sooriyaputhram.

And the reflection of Sun over the statue's head at the beginning of the teaser and the sword can be noticed. The film is with amazing song Thattaan Thattaan, which Dhanush sings, and the other songs Pandarathi Puranam and Kanda Vara Sollunga are already on trend with continuous likes.

And the teaser aroused joy among the fans, and Karna has got many additional fans after the release of the teaser Karna (2021). The movie has received opposition in recent days for the songs, but still, the film is hurdling over the obstacles for its massive victory.