Kodiyil Oruvan review: Kodiyil Oruvan Tamil Full Movie In Theatres

Kodiyil Oruvan Movie poster
Kodiyil Oruvan Movie poster

Vijay Antony's Kodiyil Oruvan movie is in theatres from today. The receives are pouring with positive comments. The film is wi=ell reached among the audience.

Kodiyil Oruvan Tamil movie starring Vijay Antony, Aathmika, Ramachandra Raju, Prabhakar and Shankar Krishnamurthy is released in theatres today. This movie is a political action film directed by Ananda Krishnan. Infiniti Film Ventures and Chendur Film International are the production companies.

T. D. Rajha, D. R. Sanjay Kumar, Kamal Bohra, Lalitha Dhananjayan, Pradeep, and Pankaj Bohra produced the film. The first look poster of Kodiyil Oruvan was released on 13 November 2020; that is where the eagerness started to watch the movie.

The film's main plot is Vijaya Raghavan (lead role) mother will wish her son to become an IAS officer.  Vijaya Raghavan, who is coming to Chennai from his hometown to realise his mother's dream, settles in the housing board area. That housing board will not be maintained well, so Vijaya Raghavan plans to raise the quality of the area and the quality of life of the people there.

Vijay Antony, who is trying to do good things for the housing unit, will face so many troubles from the villains. Vijay Antony has scored well in both emotional and action scenes. It could have been better if the character was written with intense. No other person can beat the role of mother emotion when it comes to Vijay Antony. How did Vijay Antony deal with this? Did Vijay Antony make his mother's dream of becoming an IAS officer come true? Are the rest of the story.

Aathmika's role is not as expected. The fans are disappointed with the absence of Aathmika on the screen. The film will move smoothly even if the part of Aathmika is removed. There is no strength to her role. Love is just a part of the film that moves parallel to the action. When the film is watched, it makes to feel as if Aathmika's role is left unconsidered in the main scenes.

The main positive of the film is the cinematography. N. S. Udhaya Kumar has well-handled camera angles in every dimension. Few scenes are so admirable. Especially the view of the housing unit is delivered well, and even the unclean sides of the housing unit have come out well. The film has satisfied commercial film lovers. It is wholly directed based on the commercial script.

Each character has done justice to their role. It would have been more admirable if the characters' scripts were detailed even more. There seems no in-depth writing for any characters. Negatives can be spotted only in the characters. The first half of the film moves briskly, but the second half becomes dull at some point. There seems some lip-sync error in characters, including Vijay Antony. But this will not disturb the plot of the movie at any significant moment. 

Kodiyil Oruvan can be taken as the best film of actor and music director Vijay Antony after the film Pichaikkaran. His fans are so happy that it was satisfied their expectation to an extent. Vijay Antony has nailed action scenes. The film misses a few logic that will not happen in real life. It is clothed with politics and people's needs.

Watch Kodiyil Oruvan tamil move in thetares . The film can be watched with family as there is no adult content. The film is receiving reviews with a mix of positives and negatives. Along with is Friendship movie starring Harbhajan Singh and Losliya has also been released in theatres today.

Kodiyil Oruvan review: Kodiyil Oruvan Tamil Full Movie In Theatres