Kolaigaran Average Box Office Performance Despite Great Reviews

Kolaigaran Movie Review and Box Office Collection
Kolaigaran Movie Review and Box Office Collection

Kolaigaran Movie

The title of the movie, Kolaigaran with U/A certificate, will make sense of what kind of movie it is. The killer who committed a murder has claimed the police that he has murdered, but he is suspected by police whether he is a murderer or not. Kolaigaran as a crime thriller is a compelling, unimaginable screenplay of how the mystery of the kill is untied.

Director Andrew Louis has created the best screenplay by placing different knots in the film. The camera angle, editing strategy, the suspense untapped and strong screenplay that we do not guess is what has been written in the paper that has bought in the screens. This made this movie, Kolaigaran won as a crime thriller.

Kolaigaran Movie Review

One person is brutally murdered as an unidentifiable body. Arjun Sarja starts to investigate the case. There is an old fate between the murdered person and heroine Ashima Narwhal. Ashima and her mother Seetha are suspected of doing the murder. Arjun thinks someone might have done to help. Arjun has suspicions about Vijay Antony who is in the opposite home of Asima who purposely follow her. At one point, Vijay Antony is the one who committed the murder. What is the purpose for him to kill? The reason for what he is doing is the intriguing screenplay of the movie kolaigaran.

Vijay Antony and Arjun are the pillars of the movie. The director of the movie has given equal importance to both of the characters. Arjun as a deputy police commissioner in many films but the way he conveys the character is totally different in this kolaigaran. Arjun makes a seal in his experience like a realistic police officer who doesn't have an untold demonstration. Arjun as Karthikeyan can be an image of sharp vision, attention, inquiry, anger, style and body language. After Vishal Irumbu Thirai, he has scored high in character role again.

In turn, Vijay Antony as Prabhakaran character with a disgusting look as like the character created for him. The director made a twist that he is also an IPS officer. The successful opening of might respite for the hero after his big flops such as Kaali, Annadurai. Kolaigaran is a well-executed thriller for him after Naan which he marked as a debuted actor.

Ashima Narwal, the debutant heroine has a full-fledged character throughout the film. The first movie itself is a challenging character that she has acted naturally. Nassar as a retired police officer to help Arjun, Seetha as Ashima's mother, Bhagawati Perumal as an inspector plays a vital role in Kolaigaran.

The biggest strength of the film is  Simon K. King background music. The theme for the movie still enhances the tempo for those displays in music background. Mukes Vydes cinematography and Richard Kevin editing have composed the film without confusing to watch the movie complete a scene and its suspense. The screenplay is moving inexorably clear until the break. From the beginning to the end, Kolaigaran moves only with a sense of seriousness. However, in recent times Tamil cinema has not seen a thriller like this (recent crime thriller release Thadam, Vellai Pookal), is a plus for the film.

Kolaigaran Box Office Collection

The new release of last weekend, Kolaigaran, has a good opening at Tamilnadu Box office. At the end of Day one, the total gross was 1.82 Crore and G. Dhanajyagan, the distributor of the Kolaigaran movie saw a great improvement in the weekend. The movie ranks first in Chennai Box office from June 7th to till date. An impressive gross of 4.25 crore from Tamilnadu till now. So in the coming days, we will know the extent of movie success. The "must watch" comments and good word of mouth reviews for Kolaigaran from viewers and critics bringing in audiences.