NerKonda Paarvai Movie Review After 1 Week and Housefull Shows

NerKonda Paarvai Movie Review After 1 Week and Housefull Shows
NerKonda Paarvai Movie Review After 1 Week and Housefull Shows

Nerkonda Paarvai running successfully across India has gathered all types of audience. This is not a normal commercial film but a social-oriented message, particularly about the current generation girls and their lack of understanding about the society. Even after a week the movie's gossip has not tapered down but widening with a string of thoughts on what is actually delivered in the movie?

People throng the theatres even for the night show, and the theatres in partly secluded areas are also showing "House-full" board. There are shows which are screened only for ladies, and this underlines the importance the movie gives for girls.

The story revolved around the three girls Meera, Famitha and Andrea who were working women in various fields. It has become common in society nowadays that girls are raising for equal rights. Yes, it was honoured to an extent but are these rights rightly pursued? Drinking, Smoking and other unparliamentary activities are considered sin, but it is prevalent with males. Society is becoming a "not safe place" with these activities. People are struggling to get rid of these vulgarities.

Now in the name of rights, young girls are prone to becoming victims for these habits. Rights are not to be snatched but earned. Ajith clearly explained the right way the society is heading towards. He voiced out some rules in the movie.

Girls going to uncommon places are taken for granted. Resorts, pubs are still considered untouchables for girls, and they should refrain from it. If not, they would be considered otherwise. Even smiling a lot while talking to men is construed in a wrong sense, refrain from that too.

Our people, especially males, are programmed on how to view and long back they lost common sense. Finally a message to males "No means No" very famous one-liner picked up from the movie. Even if she is a sex worker if she doesn't agree, it should not be pursued.

The message is diplomatically handled in the right way. Ajith said finally, "Thorns are not to be blamed for torn saree." Whatever the case may be, nature is nature, and we cannot redefine it. Very strong message to girls, beware all the rights conferred should be used constructively. Excellent movie and deserves a watch in theatres. Do not watch in piracy websites.