Shocking News: Ponmagal Vandhal Full Movie in Tamilrockers, Suriya buried Tamil Cinema future?

Ponmagal Vandhal Trailer.
Ponmagal Vandhal Trailer.

Suriya and family did easy works to Tamilrockers to release original UHD prints with 5.1 surround system online instead of sending piracy teams to theatres. Today As soon as Ponmagal Vandhal released in OTT platform Amazon Prime Video to watch full movie online, after facing lots of issues with theatre owners. Ponmagal Vandhal is such a Wonderful movie should have released in Big screens but due to lockdown, it got released in Amazon Prime. As like theatre release, do not support piracy websites even if it is released in Amazon Prime.

Ponmagal Vandhal movie not only released in Amazon prime, but it also released with high-quality prints in multiple formats in Tamilrockers official website. People, who are not much aware of piracy websites asking now, did they release movies directly to Tamilrockers? Such a situation created in the Tamil cinema industry today by the release of Ponmagal Vandhal online.

How Tamil cinema will survive if Tamilrockers release movies easily without much manpower to send the team to take piracy prints theatre. We need to move forward to new technologies but when new technologies are not safe, we need to follow some rules and restrictions to avoid huge losses. Ponmagal Vandhal will create a new example of OTT and Tamilrockers live streaming online.

As expected and worried by many theatre owners in Tamil Nadu, Ponmagal Vandhal's full movie is leaked online today in the Tamilrockers website for free download. In early days, before coronavirus lockdown, Movie producers requested the police department team to support piracy prints, which streams movies online. Even a few theatre owners take action if anyone sells piracy prints in local stores with the support of the police department.

Now the full burden leaves to Amazon Prime network to face all worries. Not sure if this incident will make Suriya to realize what he has done to Tamil cinema in the name of Technology improvements. Technology improvements should be improvised in theatres to make reality feel for the audience in the big screen and not in a tiny screen.

Anyhow, watch movie in Amazon Prime and not in piracy website which is still not fare for Tamil cinema future.