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PT Sir (2024) Movie Review Starring Hip Hop Aadhi And Kashmira

PT Sir Movie Review

The movie "PT Sir" is released today in theatres and gets an above-average response from the audiences. This movie starring Hip Hop Tamizha and Kashmira Pardeshi is a family entertainer movie that delivers a good message.

PT Sir Movie Plot:

PT Sir movie is a Tamil drama that tries to blend comedy, love, and action in the film to deliver a good message. In the first part of the movie, the plot follows the life of Kanagaraj who is not allowed to stand up against any injustice due to his mother's strong belief in astrology. His life is content as a PT Sir having fun with children and having a good love life.

The second part takes a different toll as the movie tries to explain the sexual harassment faced by girls in the school and it further details how society tries to pin the crime against women on themselves. It also shows how the people try to guilt trip the victim and traumatize the life of young girls. 

PT Sir Review:

PT Sir Tamil movie gets mixed reviews from the fans and audience with both positive and negative reviews. Overall it is a one-time watch movie that can be enjoyed with children.


The movie PT Sir excels in the area of screenplay and the BGM which makes the audience enjoy the movie. The movie's screenplay was done well and the movie earned a good laugh from the audience.

The audience left the theatre with a social message that they can pass on to others. The actors did a convincing performance in the movie and Anikha Surendran's acting brought pity to her role and she played well in her character.

In this movie, there is a scene, that surprises the fans and audience and the scene is a good suspense and it adds positive to the movie.


The movie with an entertainment and message-delivering concept is not well balanced. Even with a good message and script, PT Sir fails to convince the audience as the entertainment part dominates the message part.

Even though the problems faced by the woman were a key focus of the film, in some areas it was diverted to appease the hero's mass character.

PT Sir Cast And Crew:

The movie PT Sir cast includes Hip Hop Tamizha, Kashmira Pardeshi, Anikha Surendran, Pandiarajan, Thiagarajan Sivanandam, and Munishkanth. PT Sir was written and directed by Karthik Venugopalan and produced by Dr. Ishari K. Ganesh. The music for the film was composed by Hip Hop Tamizha.

Movies Against Sexual Harassment:

The Tamil Cinema industry tries to create awareness among the people through movies. Many films were directed and released in connection with the crime against women. The director screens the crime from different angles and tries to deliver how wrong it is to commit a sexual harassment crime.

Some movies depict the victim's point of view, highlighting the pain they have endured while others show the perspective of their relatives, friends, and the police. some of the movies with strong messages are 

  • Gargi (2022)
  • Theri (2016)
  • Dear Comrade (2019)
  • Ponmagal Vanthal (2020)
  • Paddikkadha Pakkangal (2024)
  • Chithha (2023)

Nenjamundu Nermaiyundu Odu Raja (2019):

PT Sir Director Karthik Venugopalan, already did a movie Nenjamundu Nermaiyundu Odu Raja has decent reviews and gets average verdicts from the audiences.

The movie revolves around two happy-go-lucky guys who are waiting for something big to happen in their lives. During one of their shows, they accidentally meet a veteran businessman who offers them a large sum of money in return for three favors. The rest of the story unfolds as the duo takes up the challenge of completing the seemingly impossible tasks assigned by the businessman.

PT Sir A Must-Watch Movie:

Avoiding the small flaws in the PT Sir movie, it was a good entertaining film to watch with family and friends in the theatre. PT Sir can be considered a must-watch movie for school girls. It is expected that the minor girls will open up about the harassment they faced in school or in public if they watch the movie.