Siva Karthikeyan Doctor movie expected on Ramzan

Doctor movie release date
Doctor movie release date

Siva Karthikeyan's movie Doctor under the direction of Nelson Dilipkumar is expected to release on Ramzan. As it is supposed to be released on April 26th, it has been postponed due to the busy schedule of the Tamil Nadu Assembly Election 2021.

The movie team said that the movie would not reach the expected level due to election days, so they extended the week of release, and recently, the movie crew has said that the movie will be released by the day of Ramzan.

The two songs from this movie, Doctor So Baby and Chellamma have already captured the hearts of the heart of the fans by Anirudh's music. And now the movie has triggered curiosity on its release, and the fans are waiting to celebrate the movie on a big screen with whistles.