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Sulthan (2021) Tamil Movie Review : Karthi as Sulthan On Screen

Sulthan (2021) Tamil Movie Poster

Sulthan (2021) Tamil movie has come out on the big screen, and the audience has welcomed the movie rejoicing. The movie has satisfied the viewer's expectations.

The movie can be enjoyed in theatres than on piracy platforms to experience the village of action and love.

It is a Tamil action-drama under the direction of Bakkiyaraj Kannan, produced by SR Prakash Babu and SR Prabhu under the banner of Dream Warrior Pictures. The music is composed with attentiveness by Yuvan Shankar Raja and Vivek- Mervin.

Sulthan is a commercial movie bounded with emotion, logic, love, and actions. Karthi has taken the lead role named  Vikram, aka Sulthan, son of Napolean, who does good to the village. 

Napolean has many rowdies with him, and his wife doesn't want their son to go on the same track as his father in doing rowdyism. Sulthan was the pet child among the family, and later, he went to the city to study and did his engineering in Robotics.

During that time, a new commissioner was appointed in the village, and he encountered the rowdies, including Sulthan's father. This is where the story begins; Sulthan will become a man supporting the village people like his father.

Agriculture is one of the themes in this film, and it could be seen in the release of songs. Sulthan will make a try to reform the rowdies to Farming.

The movie is all about the reason behind the clashes between the antagonist and how Sulthan reforms rowdies via Farming.

The tension is evaporated throughout the film before the fight scenes. Yuvan Shankar Raja has aroused curiosity in all fight tracks. The track is not the same in every fight scene but it differs accordingly which is a plus point in the composing.

The first half of the film is comparatively received a  wide range of responses than the second half.

Importance has been given to all the minor characters, too, with the village setup. The love scene sinks with actions without disturbing the plot. It is a debut film in Tamil to Rashmika Mandanna and, she has done justice to her role.

Rashmika already has many fans in Tamil Nadu, and this film will increase the counts with no doubt. 

The comedy of Yogi Babu is so natural as he always does, and his way of speaking and acting brings laughter in his scenes.

This has gained many fans as the plot moves with no disturbances and the reviews of the viewers are good with positive notes. The movie is encouraged to see on the big screen in theatres than on piracy platforms.