Tamilrockers Leaked 10 New Movies Original UHD Prints in bulk

Tamilrockers Kannum Kannum Kollaiadithal, Draupathi, Mafia
Tamilrockers Kannum Kannum Kollaiadithal, Draupathi, Mafia

Tamilrockers releases new movie original HD Prints in bulk: Tamilrockers is making Quarantine mode more reliable by releasing new movies, that too, HD prints in bulk.

CoronaVirus is threatening the world right from December in China. Meanwhile, Tamilrockers can be called as movie industries CoVid. As India is in the fourth week of CoronaVirus outbreak, Social distancing and avoiding close contacts are the mantras engrossed by the government and NGOs to create CoVid awareness all around. Prevention is better than cure, and in this critical week, breaking the chain and spreading of CoronaVirus is the only motive of Indians.

However, Tamilrockers is focusing CoVid quarantine entirely in its way by releasing new movie links released this month in bulk. Tamilrockers is the spoil brats for the movie producers and workers even before the outbreak. But the piracy masters have taken charge by leaking online movies when the theatres are in shut down mode.

On the note of the Government's order, public gathering places like cinema theatres, malls are insisted to remain closed without a due date. In this time of quarantine, while no movies are running in the big screens, Tamilrockers is releasing original HD prints of movies like Draupathi, Dagalty, Kannum Kannum Kollaiadithal and most recently released Bollywood and Hollywood movies along with Tollywood and Mollywood.

Dulquer's Kannum Kannum Kollaiadithal is a massive blockbuster in both Kollywood and Mollywood by the debut director Desingh Periyasamy. But the whole good work has already smelled no essence fully due to the CoVid emergency. Meanwhile within only weeks of release followed by a theatrical shut down, the massive word of mouth movie this season has been released by Tamilrockers which lessens the grossing even after the recovery.

There is no idea to anyone about how Tamilrockers is releasing all these new films while every theaters and mall are in total lockdown. When every business is in a total loss, Movie piracy masters like Tamilrockers, Tamilgun, etc. are hiking their industry using the CoVid quarantine and social distancing.