Top Cooku Dupe Cooku: Confirmed Contestant List And Time Sun TV

Top Cooku Dupe Cooku Contestants
Top Cooku Dupe Cooku Contestants

Top Cooku Dupe Cooku is an upcoming cooking comedy show on Sun TV. Fans are excited after the show released its opening day announcement and show will be telecasted on May 19.

Top Cooku Dupe Cooku Promo Video:

Sun TV released the promo for the Top Cooku Dupe Cooku show revealing the contestants and making the audience excited for the show. The Show was hosted by VJ Rakesh. The show with Chef Venkatesh Bhat as a judge gains the attention of the audiences before its promo release. 

Sun TV to promote the show serving up a winning competition. The decision to engage the audience with quizzes is a clever move, turning passive viewers into active participants. And offering prizes adds an extra layer of excitement, making the audience eager to join in. The show offers 1000 rupees for the chosen 1000 winners of the quiz.

When And Where To Watch Top Cooku Dupe Cooku Show?

Top Cooku Dupe Cooku show will be telecast on Sun TV from May 19 at 12.30 pm. The show will be available on the OTT Platform Sun Next app.

Top Cooku Dupe Cooku Show:

The Top Cooku Dupe Cooku show provides a top cook who knows how to cook and another dupe cook who doesn't know how to cook. It seems they will merge the top cook and dupe cook in a team and give tasks to complete the show similar to the Cooku with comali show telecasted on Vijay Television and also in Disney Plus Hotstar.

Top Cooku Dupe Cooku Cooks List:

  • Sai Dheena 
  • Sonia Agarwal
  • Sujatha Sivakumar
  • Chaitra Reddy 
  • Aishwarya Dutta
  • Shali Nivekas
  • Narendra Prasath

Sai Dheena:

Sai Dheena is a Tamil actor who is well-known for playing villains in movies like Theri, Master, and Enthiran. The actor debuted in Tamil cinema in Kamal Haasan's Virumaandi. The actor continuously acted in the cinema and impressed the audience with his performance in the movies. The actor has acted in 50-plus movies.

Sonia Agarwal:

Sonia Agarwal is a model and actress known for her contributions to Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, and Malayalam cinema. She has graced the screen with memorable performances in films such as "Kaadhal Kondein" (2003), "7G Rainbow Colony", "Kovil" (2004), and "Pudhupettai" (2006). Sonia has captivated Tamil audiences with her captivating portrayals, earning admiration for her compelling roles in various movies.

Sujatha Sivakumar:

Sujatha is a Tamil actress who currently plays supporting roles and mother roles in movies. Like Sai Dheena, Sujatha also debuted in the movie Kamal Haasan's Virumaandi. She acted in 35-plus movies and acted in the serial Mahandhi (2023). Her notable works are Paruthiveeran (2007), Pasanga (2009), and Goli Soda (2014). She acted in the movie Rasavathi 2024 which was released on May 10.

Chaitra Reddy:

Chaitra Reddy is a Tamil movie and serial actress. The actress gained fame from her role as the antagonist in the TV serial Yaaradi Nee Mohini (2017-2021). The actress acted in Ajith Kumar's movie Valimai(2022) in a supporting role and lead role in the movie Vishamakaran (2022).

Aishwarya Dutta:

Aishwarya Dutta is an Indian actress who predominantly appears in Tamil films. Aishwarya first debuted in the bilingual Bengali and Hindi Movie Chalo Picnic Manayen (2014). She made her Tamil debut with the film Tamizhuku En Ondrai Azhuthavum(2015). She entered as a contestant in Bigg Boss 2 (2018) and gained popularity through the show. She ended up as the 1st runner-up of the Bigg Boss 2.

Shali Nivekas:

Shali Nivekas is an Indian model and Video Jockey, started her career as a freelance model and then she entered into the corporate realm as a Business Developer at BYJU's Learning App. Her journey also led her to the stage as a contestant in the Reliance Jewels Miss India-Chennai 2017 pageant, showcasing her multifaceted talents.

Narendra Prasath:

Narendra Prasath is a beloved YouTube personality with the widely acclaimed series "Aaha Kalyanam" (2019-2020). Building on its success, he ventured into subsequent projects such as "Kalluri Saalai" (2020-2021) and "Kadhaipoma" (2021-2022), captivating audiences with his acting skills. Currently, he is working on the ongoing series "Kadhaipoma 2".

Top Cooku Dupe Cooku: Dupe Cooks

The Topu Cooku Dupe Cooku in the shows released the confirmed list of Dupe cooks Deepa Shankar, Dheena, Adhirchi Arun​, Bharat K Rajesh, Monisha Blessy, Singapore Deepan​ and GP Muthu. This team also seems to have equals fun like the cooku with comali contestants.

Cooku With Comali Vs Top Cooku Dupe Cooku:

Fans are excited for the release of the show on May 19. The Cooku With Comali show and Top Cooku Dupe Cooku show are already considered as competitors by the fans. Which show will be able to catch more attention from the public, Cooku With Comali Season 5 or Top Cooku Dupe Cook? Who will rule the TRP?