Top Cooku Dupe Cooku Grand Launch Episode 1 Review

Top Cooku Dupe Cooku
Top Cooku Dupe Cooku

Top Cooku Dupe Cooku released its grand first episode launch on May 19, and it received a good response from the viewers. 

Top Cooku And Dupe Cooku:

Top Cooku Dupe Cooku is a Tamil cooking comedy show with cooks and dupes. The show's first episode was launched yesterday at 12.30 pm with Venkatesh Bhat as Judge and VJ Rakesh as the host. 

The show gives a grand first episode launch and intrigues the audience. The Top Cooku Dupe Cooku Top Cook contestants are Sai Dheena Sonia Agarwal, Sujatha Sivakumar, Chaitra Reddy, Aishwarya Dutta, Shali Nivekas, and Narendra Prasath and dupe cooks Deepa Shankar, Dheena, Adhirchi Arun, Bharat K Rajesh, Monisha Blessy, and GP Muthu to the show. 

Top Cooku Dupe Cooku First Episode:

In the first episode, Top Cooks were given an eating task to choose their dupe cooks which was fun to watch. The main tasks of the show were even more fun as the top cooks tried their best to make the dupes understand the cooking process and the dupes were confused as they were inexperienced in the cooking area. 

Top Cooku Dupe Cooku also provides a tough main task, which gives each team an outsider who doesn't understand Tamil. The cook gives instructions to dupes, who pass them on to the outsider, and that turns into comedy chaos. 

Top Cooku Dupe Cooku Highlights:

The main highlight of the show was the pappad eating task where the cooks had to eat a lot of pappad to win the task. The cooks try to eat as much paapad as they can with their innovative ideas. Actress Sujatha Sivakumar even tries to put the paapad in the water and eat it. While the cooks are trying to eat the pappad, the dupes are encouraging them to eat more.

Binni Krishnakumar in Top Cooku Dupe Cooku:

Binni Krishnakumar is also part of the show and she was introduced as a mentor to dupes. She is a playback singer and a recipient of the Kalaimamani Award. She was well-known as the mother of Sivangi Krishnakumar who is an actress, playback singer, and television personality and she also participated as both a cook and comali in the Cooku With Comali show. 

Top Cooku Dupe Cooku First Episode Response:

The first episode gets a positive response from the audience and promises a good show for the viewers. Even though the show received a maximum of positive responses, the viewers are not happy about the timing of the Top Cooku Dupe Cooku and expect the team to change their timing from noon to evening.

Top Cooku Dupe Cooku - Vadivelu:

Vadivelu is an Indian Comedy actor who is popular among people for his dialogue delivery and body language. The actor's face has a constant appearance on social media mainly in memes and he is always a viral sensation among youngsters without even delivering a hit movie. 

In this case, there were rumours that Vadivelu would make an entry in the first episode, which created a lot of anticipation around the show. The rumours have gained substantial interest, with many believing them to be true, but the great comedy actor does not show an entry in the show, upsetting the fans. 

Topu Cooku Dupe Cooku confirmed the rumors by releasing a promo for Vadivelu's arrival the following week. The promo shows clips of Vadivelu interacting with the Top Cooku Dupe Cooku team. After the official confirmation of comedian Vadivelu's arrival, fans are eagerly awaiting the upcoming week's episodes.

Cooku With Comali Vs Top Cooku Dupe Cook:

Fans have already decided on the shows Cook With Comali and Top Cooku Dupe Cooku as rivals. Venkatesh Bhat joining the Top Cooku Dupe Cooku creates a lot of confusion among the fans. There are a lot of dramas around the shows considering the situations created between media masons and Vijay Television. 

Indeed both shows are doing good in their own way and getting support from the audiences. Last week the shows Cooku With Comali and Topu Cooku Dupe Cooku impressed the viewers with the cook's cooking skills.