Trisha Reply For AV Raju Following Koovathur Resort Controversy

Actress Trisha X reply
Actress Trisha X reply

The interview given by AV Raju, former union secretary of Salem West AIADMK, about actress Trisha, has become controversial and has taken a different dimension on social media. Personalities from the film industry and Trisha fans condemn him for his ill talks against Trisha.

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AV Raju, the secretary of AIADMK Salem West Union, said in an interview that Salem AIADMK Metropolitan District Secretary Venkatachalam was involved in fraud by taking money to buy government jobs and accumulating a lot of property. 

AV Raju was recently expelled from the party by Edappadi Palaniswami. During his interview with the media today, he alleged "I know what AIADMK MLA Venkatachalam was doing when the MLAs were locked up in Koovathur Resort in 2017 and that he had asked a famous actress and an actor had arranged for it."

AV Raju said that although I have no evidence for all these events that happened that day. He mentioned that he addressed actress Trisha, and actor Karunas arranged for Trisha to come to the Resort. This statement shook the Tamil film industry and Trisha's fans.

Social Media was bombarded with this content and turned towards Trisha for keeping Mute. They recalled Trisha and Mansoor Ali Khan's controversy over obnoxious comments. Directors and actresses have addressed the current incident on social media against AV Raju.

Following this issue, Trisha posted on X, "It's disgusting to repeatedly see low lives and despicable human beings who will stoop down to any level to gain attention. Rest assured, necessary and severe action will be taken. Anything that needs to be said and done henceforth will be from my legal department."