TTF Vasan Bikes And Instructions To Youngster Fans On Speed Stunts

TTF Vasan Bikes
TTF Vasan Bikes

Following the meetup campaign by TTF Vasan on his birthday, many people are talking about the huge meetup and are searching for who is TTF. He gained attention in a year with his bike stunt and interest in the bike. His fans are huge, and he holds 2M-plus subscribers. TTF currently gains attention from the public.

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Who is TTF? and Who is TTF Vasan? This is the most familiar question heard among the youngsters after Vasan Birthday Meetup. Coimbatore-based YouTuber TTF Vasan is a travel blogger from an agricultural background. TTF Vasan has 2M-plus subscribers in his Twin Throtllers Channel. He has a habit of going on adventures on his two-wheeler. He became more popular with his speed bike ride, bike Stunts and bike racing actions. His super bikes also have a separate fan base.

TTF Fans wish to ride the bike whenever TTF Vasan comes out on his bike. He has customized one of his bikes, the R15 V3 after an accident and that bike holds many fans. Recently two months, he bought a new superbike Ninja 900cc.

With these bikes, he has travelled far and wide, including Ladakh and Nepal and has a legion of young fans. He celebrated his birthday at Annur, next to Mettupalayam, in TN 43 Hotel. Nearly 7000 plus TTF Fans were present at the spot, and it looked like a festival. Traffic in the area was affected as a large number of people gathered to see TFF Vasan.

TTF Vasan Bikes And Instructions To Youngster Fans On Speed Stunts

The police also warned Vasan that he should not even hold a meeting like this again. Apart from this, Vasan goes on many adventures in his vehicle. Similarly, Vasan had recently announced on his Facebook that he was visiting a famous sports goods store in Chennai. Due to this, many fans gathered to see him. The police came there and tried to disperse the crowd.

Footage of him riding a bike at a speed of 243 kmph went viral on social media. Complaints are saying that young people who see this try adventures like him, which is very dangerous. As a result, there are accusations that it is an act of endangering the lives of those youths and those travelling on the road. This causes panic for the passerby and people working on the road. 

These kinds of activities attract the youngsters at the same time it will tempt them to follow the same. TTF Vasan has two million-plus subscribers at this very young age, and it is a question mark on how he is handling this crowd. His fans are triggering him to do many adventurous stunts, which is a hazard for both fans and him.

The government rule is that the maximum speed should be 120 kmph and 100 kmph on national highways. Everyone should follow the government's rules. TTF Vasan has gathered a huge crowd of trustworthy fans at a very young age, and it is a must for TTF Vasan to follow the rules and guide his fans in a mature way.

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