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TTF Vasan: Rising Accusations On Speed, Highly injurious to Youngsters

TTF Vasan Riding At High Speed

Following the birthday celebration and recent videos, the accusations are pouring against TTF Vasan. TTF Vasan's superbikes and expensive bike jackets and helmets have attracted many youngsters. The way how TTF Vasan rides bikes at very high speed has gathered much attention among the kids and youngsters. It is reported that TTF Vaasan is highly injurious to the Young Society.

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TTF Vasan from Coimbatore is a motorist and a vlogger. He runs a Youtube Channel named Twin Throttlers, having 2M plus subscribers. His interest in bikes has taken him so far, and now he is a familiar face among youngsters and bike riders globally. 

After watching TTF bike videos, there formed another group named Kutty TTF. This group of kids also has a Youtube Channel named Kutty Twin Throtllers, with 314K subscribers. This Kutty TTF will follow and imitate the actions of TTF Vasan. 2K kids are the wide fans of both the TTF channels.

Recently a video of TTF Vasan riding his bike at high CC at 245KM speed at Yamuna Express Highway went viral on social media. Youngsters were pouring fierce comments by seeing the courage of TTF Vasan. At the same time, parents and mature citizens stood against the video and are registering complaints against TTF Vasan.

On Twitter, a complaint has been lodged with the Chennai Metropolitan Police Department that other youths and children may try to get into an accident after seeing his bike stunts. It has also been answered on the official Twitter page of the Metropolitan Police Department

When the tweets are pouring against the ideas, the youngsters are coming in between in support of TTF, saying that he wore a helmet and bike jacket. And for those comments, Greater Chennai Police has tweeted, "Such activity in Greater Chennai Police limits is strictly not allowed. GCP Will never allow such kinds of activities. Students and youth are advised not to get fascinated by such dangerous activities and try here. Your and others' safety is important."

Ignoring the comments against TTF, many youngsters are pouring only supportive comments to TTF Vasan. And now, YouTuber TTF Vasan, who rode a bike at a speed of 245 kmph, is on the noted list. Chennai Police keeps a check due to a complaint raised on Twitter.