Nadigar Sangam Election 2019: Vishal Team Fought Their Way For Justice

 Nadigar Sangam Election 2019: Vishal Team
Nadigar Sangam Election 2019: Vishal Team

Nadigar Sangam Election 2019 

Elections for the South Indian Actors Association were to be held at MGR Janaki College in Adyar on the 23rd. The pandavar team led by actor Nasser and Swami Sankaradas, led by director Bhagyaraj are contesting the polls. 

In this case, the Inspector of Pattinapakkam has written a letter to the management of Satya Studio. In the context of the dispute with Vishal, the Nadigar Sangam Election 2019 will be held in some other place. It was suggested to shift the Nadigar Sangam Election 2019 elsewhere. According to the letter, Satya Studios said that the election could be held only if the police permits.

The actor's union general secretary Vishal had demanded that the police commissioner be ordered to provide security to the Nadigar Sangam Election 2019. This case came up for hearing before Justice Anand Venkatesh yesterday. Then why should the judge not choose an alternate place where there is no public disturbance? Alternative places like Nandanam YMCA, Kodambakkam Meenakshi College. The Nadigar Sangam Election 2019 is given more importance than the MP and MLA election. He said the safety of the people was important.

Pandavar Ani to Meet Governor

At the governor's place in Guindy,  Pandavar team met with  Governor Panwarlal Purohit today, under the leadership of actor Vishal. Speaking to reporters after meeting the governor, Actor Vishal said that  Nadigar Sangam Election 2019  was a matter of fair security and we hope that the  Nadigar Sangam Election 2019  will have a good decision in court. Meanwhile, the registrar's office in the district has ordered the suspension of the election, saying there are more problems in the  Nadigar Sangam Election 2019. It is also stated that the list of eligible candidates for voting has to be finalized and the voter list must be fixed first.

It has been ordered to review the membership list for the year 2017-2018. It is also stated that the decision of the union executives to decide on the election. In this backdrop, Vishal's team has decided to seek court tomorrow regarding the  Nadigar Sangam Election 2019.

Opposite Team on Election Cancellation

Bhagiaraj of Sankaradas team spoke about  Nadigar Sangam Election 2019 cancellation: "The cancellation of the Actor Association election is shocking, I will discuss with our team and comment. We have contested the elections because the Pandavas have not completed the construction work of the union," he said.

The members have to follow the rules and prove to the court if the action is wrong. Actor Karunas said it was the state's responsibility to hold the Nadigar Sangam Election 2019  honestly.

Actor SV Sekhar has claimed that due to the expiration of his tenure, the actor Vishal team has already lost the moral right to hold the election.