How Exactly Can Surgical Masks Protect you From Coronavirus?

Woman Wearing Surgical Mask
Woman Wearing Surgical Mask

Across the globe, particularly in China and Singapore, people have started to buy surgical masks and anti-virus masks in large numbers that left Amazon and Alibaba websites to go out of stock of surgical masks. The recently threatening Coronavirus that originated in the Wuhan region is the reason behind this mass consumption of surgical masks around the globe.

People are so keen to take appropriate precautionary measures to save themself from epidemic coronavirus. While governments across the globe are taking actions and embracing themselves upon a possible outbreak, people from particular regions are purchasing surgical masks. But the question is, will those masks take a stand against that deadly disease while India just joined the league of coronavirus recently?

How this Coronavirus Spread? Is it an airborne disease?

The same question has been taken to the doctors and got a 'Big No' as a response to the question. As per the doctors, the exact transmitting mechanism of this coronavirus has not yet been found, and it is too hard to say how exactly the mask can protect the people from it.

As mentioned by the center for Disease Controle and Prevention, if this virus is considered as airborne, health workers who are currently working to treat the infected people need to wear a mask. Also, the CDC advised the N95 respirator, which is sophistically designed for such scenarios.

If the virus is airborne, then some tiny contaminated droplets that enter the atmosphere from a sneeze of an infected person, won't care much about the surgical masks. However, the doctors suggest that this mask can be advisable for those who are already infected.

How Handwashing Help in Preventing Coronavirus?

Doctors preferring other precautions like hand washing as an effective way to get prevented from the infection. Doctors also advise the infected people to stay indoors to minimize further spread of the disease; an isolated ward of a hospital is advisable while mentioning indoors.