COVID Deaths In India : Painful Incidents That Breaks The Heart

Screams of cry are heard aloud outside the hospitals.
Screams of cry are heard aloud outside the hospitals.

The pain of losing loved ones can never be compared to any other emotions. Missing the person and losing the person have a huge difference when it comes to bounded relationships.

COVID 19 has taught the importance of spending time with the family, especially with their children. Simultaneously, the virus has taken away many people's lives where words cannot comfort the loss.

The beginning of the second wave of COVID 19 bangs the wall with terrific and makes the public panic and suffocates. In recent days, the sound that is heard at the hospital is the sorrowful voices of Covid patients' relatives.

The death count keeps increasing in the country by leaving space for the second wave. The mourning is heard loud where the patients are fighting to survive under oxygen and bed shortages.

Even the doctors couldn't see their patients struggling in front of their eyes. The doctors couldn't help their patients due to the shortages, and the pain of watching patients die cannot be expressed.

Even the daughters are screaming outside the hospitals and beg the government to help their fathers. The relatives are fighting and mourning for the life of their dear ones.

It is hard to accept the death caused by COVID 19 because the relatives and the parents will not be able to see the patients as they are taken away.

If a person dies, the final rituals will satisfy the family, friends, and relatives, but when a person passed out of COVID, the rituals cannot be made.

The entire world speaks on the death of COVID cases and the increasing counts of cases every day, but no one shoots the views of suffering faced by the relatives and family who lost their dear ones due to COVID.

It is hard to see the reality in India, where a mother is sitting with her dead son who died out of COVID. There are cases where children lose their parents, parents losing their children, and so on.

The death shatters the bonding without an essence where the relatives and family cannot see the faces of their dear ones before the burials.

The heart-moving incident that happened in Gujarat aches the people around who witnessed the poor mother. 

People noticed an old lady of sixties speaking to her son through video call at the Civil Hospital campus in Gujarat. With her lovely tone, she said, "How are you, son? Do they give you good food? I'm praying for your recovery."

Those who noticed her were a bit confused at her behavior because she comes to the same hospital every day, speaks through the phone, and goes back.

When investigated the story behind her call to her son made everyone drip with tears. She visits the hospital because, in September 2020, her son was admitted to that hospital due to COVID 19, and he died after four days.

And what the old mother sees on her phone is recording her sons' last video call with her. She couldn't accept the loss of her son as they both were too attached.  

The poor mother mentally got affected and thinks that her son is still alive even after he dies before six months. She couldn't accept what happened between the beautiful bonding of herself and with her son.

Many incidents are happening in the same way, but only the shadows are seen. The dark side of emotions and loss is hidden. It is better to stay safe rather than suffering and to make others suffer.