Gang Rape Victim Brazilian Biker Fernanda Thanked India For Supporting

Image Credit: Instagram @vueltaalmundoenmoto
Image Credit: Instagram @vueltaalmundoenmoto

While Justice for Fernanda is going viral on social media, on the other hand, Fernanda is facing negative comments for her Instagram stories related to the tragic incident she faced.

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Fernanda, a Spanish bike rider, was gang raped by eight men at Dumka in Jharkhand. Her husband was hit hard by the culprits when he tried to protect his wife, Fernanda. This incident turned out to be a worldwide talk.

Fernanda, who has 382K followers on her Instagram page, was posting stories regarding this matter. She and her husband, Vincete, uploaded videos commenting positively about India and thy said that this incident was just an accident. Following the tragic incident, support and love are pouring in for Fernanda and her.

Brazilian Biker Fernada's Instagram Story:

In this situation, victim Fernanda uploaded a picture of one accused on her social media. The photo soon went viral, and Jharkhand police have already taken measures to arrest the culprits and the persons related to this matter. Already, three accused have been arrested, and the Police are in search of the others.

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Replying to Fernanda's story of the Culprit's photo, one Instagram user has replied to her (DM). Do you have to show everything on Instagram? even the face of the man who raped you a few days ago? Could you rest a little more after the suffering that the whole situation has caused you?

Brazilian Biker Fernada's Reply:

For this, Fernanda replied, 'Do I have to hide now? Gotta let them hide? and not report?! not going to do it, I will teach everyone it takes justice. Nobody knows shit I'm going through, so I know how I've got to act. And no, I'M NOT ASHAMED, because I haven't been guilty, and without these monsters. I'm not like you, that's for sure. That's why I do what I do, because I'm strong and I will continue to be no matter what they say. And I've had a second chance to be alive, and I'll grab it and live my life HAPPY; it's marked me, yes, but I won't let that consume me.'

Supporting Biker Fernanda's statement, many are sharing positive comments for her and encouraging Fernanda to stay strong. A photo of a man holding a board written 'A Big Sorry To Spain From Jharkhand "Hand The Rapists" Justice For Fernanda.' is going viral on social media.

'India is a country with many good people'

In a video, Fernanda and Vincente clearly said they have no hatred towards India. They said in the video, "Well, this video is for let the people to know that we're better, alive and thank you all for the support we are receiving. The Police are doing everything possible to catch them, and surely, they will soon catch the others. They already know who they are, and they are among the others who have fled.

Do not think that India is like that because it is not true. India is a country with many good people. It is a great country worth visiting. Like all countries, it has its good and bad things. This has been an accident, and it doesn't have to leave us a memory that it is a bad country because it is not like that.

Thanks to the Police and everyone. Indians are good people. We have collided with some undesirables that we hope they will be severely punished, but it should not be generalized. The Police are on it. Thank you all, and we are still here waiting fot it to be solved.